Author: Provoke Wellness

To having fun again

When you’re a child, movement is natural. I watch my Goddaughters running in the yard, sudden cartwheel, hula hoop, back to badminton. It’s simple, careless, perfect. I wonder, from my safe chair on the patio, when I stopped moving like that. Is it really just that we get old? Do we replace the simple joy …

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      I like to think of Thanksgiving as an end of year celebration of all the amazing things that have happened throughout the year. The funny thing is I generally spend the holiday alone. I like the quiet. I wake up early, get a coffee, read the news. I might walk down to the parade. …

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The 60$ pantry

  I live in Downtown Houston in a lovely, but tiny little apartment {593 SqFt}. I have a cook top and a convection/microwave combo, but I love to cook! I love it for about 15 minutes and then I get restless, my mind starts to run lists of the other things I need to be …

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