The Before Photo


The Before and After photos are the crux of every blog on the internet related to health and weight loss. Not here. Not now anyway. I am not trying to be body positive. Honestly, I am not positive about my body. I mean, I am grateful that I can walk and hold my baby niece and nephews but outside of the gratitude of life, I don't really have much positive to say. 

So my "before" is more indicative of my eventual "after". Not the actual bodies themselves, but the confidence to just be in a swim suite relaxed. I will get in the pool, but never on a floaty, and always IN the water, most comfortable next to a wall. That's the reality. That's the truth. So this is more of a visualization of where I want to be, maybe next summer. Hanging in Houston at Danny and Spencer's pool with a Unicorn or Swan floaty. Old glam in their mid-century modern dream home. A girl needs specific goals.